20 Amazing Gifts Every Taylor Fans Will Love

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Fandoms are a growing social and cultural phenomenon that pervades many aspects of life. Several aspects of today’s society and its consumer culture. Fan merchandise, which was formerly limited to post-concert booths selling t-shirts and posters, haw now spread to every field, from high fashion to politics.

               In the early 2000s, Taylor Swift began composing songs about boys and breakups, but her skill was quickly discovered by music professionals who understood she was the genuine deal. This “Lover” has earned her position in the Hollywood A-list music scene, from releasing her first album in 2006 to gracing venues all over the world on her largest tour yet 12 years later.

               Despite the fact that we’ve already received the best gift of all (new music, of course), there are still plenty of wonderful options for the Swifities in your life. From a limited-edition autographed Instax to the ultimate fan book to a mug that even Taylor would like, here are 20 Taylor Swift gifts. These presents are perfect for any Taylor Swift fan, whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else.

Swiftie-approved mug

With this cute mug from Ronole Mugs, remind everyone around you that they need to relax (because it’s 7a.m.). The mug’s rainbow lettering screams “Lover,” and it’s the ideal size for all.

I heart T.S. tank top

Remember when Taylor was dating British hunk Tom Hiddleston, and he wore this tshirt while frolicking with her supermodel friends on July 4th? Same goes for a replica tank top, so go ahead and pay your respects.

An Everyday Essential: Taylor’s Version Tote Bag

This Taylor’s Version Tote Bag ($17) will be carried everywhere by the Swiftie in your life. It’s ideal for school, commuting, running errands, and a variety of other activities.

Taylor’s Discography: Taylor’s Album Sweatshirt Retro Records Sweatshirt

The Taylor’s Album Sweatshirt Retro Record Sweatshirt ($32-$40) is a sweet and warm way to show off Taylor’s whole history. It also comes in a range of hues.

Limited-edition vinyl set

If your giftee is a staunch believer that Taylor’s best work, “Lover,” was and always will be, remember the incredible album with a limited-edition vinyl version. The set comes with two records in pastel pink and blue that can be played as well as displayed. Any Swiftie on your list will enjoy it (as will you!). It has over 700 thumbs-up reviews.

Taylor-worthy red lipstick

Allow your giftee to imitate Taylor’s legendary era with a top-rated red lipstick just in time for the release of “Red (Taylor’s Version).” With over 17,000 reviews, the NYX Professional Makeup matte lipstick in shade “perfect red” has a 4.3-star rating and will allow your giftee to “look like a hipster” in true Taylor manner.

Taylor’s Version Taylor Swift Beer Can Glass

The Taylor’s Version Taylor Swift Beer Can Glass ($16-$20) will make any beverage taste delicious, whether it’s iced coffee, wine, hot cocoa, or refreshing water. The “All Too Well” Beer Can Glass ($16-$20) is another option.

The Era Cats Mug

This beautiful The Era Cats Mug ($20 and up) will appeal to everyone who loves cats as much as Taylor does. Each cat signifies and commemorates a pivotal moment in Taylor’s musical career.

More cat fan … Library Bookshelf Cats Coffee Mug

One in Their Red Era: Red Candle

This Red Candle ($30) is perfect for the Swiftie in your life who is living in the Red era. It has an apple and maple bourbon aroma. Other candles inspired by Taylor’s other

albums and songs are also available from the vendor!

Cassette of “Indie Record”

Make your giftee feel oh-so-cool with this “Evermore” cassette tape if watching Taylor’s catalog isn’t enough to show their love. Even if you don’t have a tape player, reviewers say it sounds great and makes a nice décor.

Baseball hat (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor has been the queen of parenthesis lately, adding “(Taylor’s Version)” to all of her rerecorded songs and “(From the Vault)” to her previously unreleased songs for the album. You can display your joy with this baseball cap because we’re getting a full six (!!!) (Taylor’s Version) albums. You are, after all, the finest version of yourself that Taylor desires.

Folklore Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Get them this Folklore Crew Neck Sweatshirt ($36 and above), which is warm and cuddly. It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys folklore and has a fall/winter vibe. It’s also available in dark gray.

Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume

Even if you’re not Taylor Swift, you can at least smell like her. Taylor Swift’s Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume is a unique blend of vanilla, wild berries, freesia, and passion fruit that has received over 800 5-star reviews on Amazon. It is said to have a beautifully aromatic scent that is not overbearing. It dates to the “Speak Now” era, but it still smells fantastic.

Taylor Swift Era Coffee Tumbler

Get them a coffee tumbler like this Taylor Swift Era Coffee Tumbler ($29) that they’ll use every day. It’s ideal for the person who has experienced everything from “You Belong to Me” through “Evermore.”

Evermore Vinyl

If you know a Swiftie who enjoys collecting vinyl records, get them the Evermore Vinyl ($30). Folklore Vinyl ($30) and Lover Vinyl — 2-Disc Color Set ($25) are also available.

C&E Taylor’s Cardigan Candle

The C&E Taylor’s Cardigan Candle ($18-$23) will make their home smell warm and inviting. White freesia, gardenia, violet, pomegranate, green vines, and cashmere are among the notes.

Taylor Swift Ugly Christmas Sweater

Get them the Taylor Swift Ugly Christmas Sweater ($26 and above) or something else festive. It’ll wow all the Swifties at the holiday parties and win the prize for the finest ugly Christmas sweater of the night. It also comes in a range of hues.

Taylor Swift Folklore Anniversary Collection UO Exclusive Hoodie Sweatshirt\

This comfortable and silky Taylor Swift Folklore Anniversary Collection UO Exclusive Hoodie Sweatshirt ($75) will help them celebrate their love for Folklore. It has a great vibe for the cooler months.

Red (Taylor’s Version) 4XLP

The latest rerecorded CD, The Red (Taylor’s Version) 4XLP ($50), is a fantastic gift for the ultimate Taylor Swift fan. It comes on four vinyls and includes Red’s original tracklist as well as selections from the vault, such as “All Too Well” (the 10-minute version). Fearless (Taylor’s Version) 3XLP ($40) is also available.

The ultimate fan book

GoodReads The Ultimate Taylor Swift Fan Book

Do you believe you’ve learned everything there is to know about Tay? With the ultimate Taylor Swift fan book, you can finally put your knowledge to the test. It features all of the quizzes, trivia, and facts you never knew about the pop diva, from her biggest fear to her best love advice, and it was last updated

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