Jaime DeAnda Born in Houston, TX

Like everyone Jaime had a dream, to play in a band. Born and raised in North side Houston, he was the only boy of 4 children. During his childhood, he would watch his Dad perform and while helping out at his Dad’s shop he would make his own instruments. It was during this time that he fell in love with the concept of performing in front of an audience. Years later Jaime would play drums in his father’s band at local clubs and bars. At the age of 13 he started learning how to play the accordion, that was when destiny took over.

Eduardo “Chato” Ordonez – 33 years

Born in Alice, Tx and raised in Oregon, Edward returned back to Alice at the age of 16. In the 1980’s Edward played with his brother Alejo Jr. and his dad Alejo Sr. in a band called Los Camaradas in Oregon. Also he played with local bands named such as Alice conjuntos, Mando Garza Y Los Estrenos, Los Hermanos Cadenas, and had the privilege to play with Juan Sinfuetes and Ruben Naranjo. in 1985 he got his first break to play with Los Chamacos de Raul DeAnda through a friend, Juan P. Moreno. Edward has been the original bass player since 1986 and has recorded all of the CD’s of Jaime Y Los Chamacos and has toured all over Texas, United States. and Mexico

Roel Joslin – 25 years
Bajo Sexto

His music interest began at the age of 10 when he started to play the guitar. Music has been a big part of his life since growing up his dad had a band named. Rene Joslin Y Los Favoritos. right after school Roel started performing with his dads band. He played the bass. He became the bajo sexto player and member of Jaime Y Los Chamacos. Roel ventured into establishing Joslin Records, his own record label and recording studio. Jaime Y Los Chamacos are under Joslin Records. He also has published 2 music books; :Accordion Book” & “Bajo Sexto Book” Roel also has a music publishing company named Rojos Music.

Ruben Mendoza – 18 years

Born and raised in East Houston Tx. Ruben’s passion for music started in 1981 at a very young age, thanks his mom and dad for always allowing him to pursue his love for music. Ruben started his music career playing the guiro at his uncle’s bar at the age of 5, and remembers playing on stage with Los Chamacos de Raul DeAnda. In 1990 at the age of 14, he started playing drums with Los Bandoleros de Baldo Gomez from Houston, Tx. During the 1990’s, he played and collaborated with bands such as, JJ Y Los Centellas, Conjunto Complejo, Mingo Saldivar and Juan P. Moreno to name a few. In 2000, Ruben became the drummer for Jaime Y Los Chamacos. Thank you to his wife, son and daughters for all their support and understanding of his life as a musician.

Gilbert Fierros- 9 yrs. Percussions

As many of you know Gilbert Fierros’ passion for music has always been in his blood. Following in his dads footsteps at a young age he grew to enjoy the sound of conjunto music. At the age of 12 he got his first pair of congas and was inspired to learn how to play them. Playing at local bars in San Antonio where he was born and raised opened many doors and gave the opportunity to play and record his first two cd’s with his uncle Nick Villareal y Su Conjunto. In and out of music he found himself DJing at local venues. He meet JYLC in 2005 and soon became one of their light guy/roadies. In 2008 he was announced as JYLC’s newest and youngest member as their percussionist. He later dropped his first big Tejano/conjunto album at the the 21.

Rose Guerra
Manager / Bookings

Born and raised in Rio Grande City, Tx. Rose started working at a young age for an immigration office, in which she learned to process paperwork for anyone who needed help with immigration. After that she worked for 6 years with a private agency that helped the elderly get the help that they needed at home. This was followed by 5 years of being a legal assistant for one of the biggest defense firms in McAllen, Tx. She then met a great photographer who taught her about photography for 2 years. During that time she met Jaime Y los Chamacos in 2005. She has been a business partner for Joslin Records for over 10 years. In 2008, along with Roel Joslin (Joslin Records), they recorded a CD titled Freedom Tour for Jaime Y Los Chamacos. In May 2017, Rose became the new manager for JYLC



Hello fans,Chamaco DeAnda here. I took the liberty of writing own bio with a little help from my family with the typing portion because i don’t have fingers to type with.

Anyways here it goes, i started just as any other puppy. I was a wreck when my parents got me, then i got a haircut, potty trained and started strolling down the road to stardom. I started learning about my Daddy’s old pal Buddy and what i could do to follow in his paw steps. Now i have almost mastered the art of being a mascot and have earned my place on the stage with my dady. So now you can find me chillin on stage with my favorite dudes Jaime Y Los Chamacos, and there is no other place i would rather be.

Now for some fun facts about me:

-I love toys that squeak
-My best friends name is Duke
-I love treats of all flavors
-Kids are my favorite kind of humans
-I like to be clean
-I like to play hide and seek
-I like to look fresh in all my outfits
-My all-time favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and friends